What Confidence Counts does?

Helps individuals through one on one coaching or groups settings to:
  • Identify the self-beliefs that get in the way of being more confident and feeling a healthy sense of self-worth
  • Build sustainable confidence skills and techniques
  • Set realistic inner and outer goals to achieve
  • Motivate and inspire others to believe that “there is nothing they cannot do as long as they believe they can.”

Why does Jayne do this work?

  • Share my journey of self-exploration to offer hope to others that they can feel better about themselves
  • Teach and educate others what I’ve learned about how to change their limiting beliefs
  • To encourage others that  going inside of themselves to find the answers will be the greatest gift they can ever receive
  • To support my strong desire to leave a legacy of being remembered for something bigger than myself

How Jayne Helps You Do It

Become a more confident person by attending a motivational speech or with our One-on-One Coaching.
She also facilitates seminars, workshops and teaches sustainable confidence-building techniques to help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

About Jane

Jayne M. Mattson, Principal of Confidence Counts, has done the inner work herself so she "walks the walk" and will share her inspiring journey with you.

It's all about YOU!


Contact Confidence Counts to learn more about how we can help you become a more confident person.